Noise pollution in urban centre leads to alarming low rate of life’s quality, poor mental health and have adverse effects on the efficiency and productivity of the urban dwellers. Like many other megacities in the world the noise pollution in Lagos state is also deteriorating day by day. This study seek to compare and analyze noise  pollution levels in selected Land use  areas in Lagos State  The study worked on the following objectives which includes the examination of noise pollution across various land use patterns at during the days and at  nights and the comparison of noise levels obtained in relation to permissible noise level limits by environmental regulatory  agencies like WHO and NESREA  Primary  data obtained using sound meter measure noise level was employed by researcher to gather information across the three land-use patterns, Commercial (Computer village)residential (Ikeja-GRA) and Industrial area (Ilupeju) for 3 weeks in the morning, afternoon, and evening, The work involved identifying, Mapping the sources of noise pollution.   Descriptive analysis was also  use to analyzed  data’s obtained from the field survey in relations to the different land use patterns The finding of this study revealed  that the noise level in selected land use patterns exceeded regulatory standard resulting in unpleasant and uncomfortable lifestyle of urban dwellers  in  ranging from physical, emotional, psychological, health issues. The result by one-way ANOVA is significant at 5% (F= 4.26, df= v1: 2, v2: 87) f (ratio) = 55.2 < 0.05 at two tail implies that there is significant difference between the level of noise pollution in different land use in the study area. A strategic noise management has been proposed with  aggressive implementation of existing laws, policies and guidelines, in concerted efforts for  noise pollution mitigation, which will provide a conducive and serene environment for sustainable urban development,


Key Words: Noise, Pollution, Land use Sound level, Hearing impairments



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