Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management

Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management (EJESM) is published by a Global Consortium of African Environmental Researchers cutting across disciplines in Environmental studies and management. Original research output in the area of

  • Geography,
  • Ecology,
  • Botany,
  • Conservation studies,
  • Food and Nutrition,
  • Water Resources,
  • Urban Studies,
  • Environmental Design and Management

and other allied disciplines are accepted for publishing. The journal started as an independent journal in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Bahir Dar University Ethiopia in 2007. The aim of the journal is dissemination of research output of scholars across the world following due diligence in the process of peer review, academic best practices and scholarship. The first issue – EJESM Vol. 1 no.1 - was published in 2008. The journal output had been hosted on African Journals Online (AJOL) platform from inception. In celebrating a decade of the existence of the journal, a full journal website has been provided for researchers’ outputs to reach wider readership in the global academic world. Our mission is to make researchers output available to the academic community and stake holders with the interest of protecting and managing our environmental resources in the context of sustainable development and thereby contributing to humanity and frontier of knowledge in various disciplines in environmental studies.