Appropriate studying of the meteorological conditions via the continuous measurements and analysis of the various meteorological variables can make a difference for the survival and prosperity of the human race. In this study, measured meteorological variables from an implemented device together with reanalysis data from ERA-Interim and NASA were used to estimate four addition thermodynamic meteorological variables (TMVs) using appropriate formula and statistical tools for Auchi area of Edo State, Nigeria. The annual average measurement values from the implemented device for the average temperature, relative humidity and mean sea level pressure are 27.60oC, 73.20% and 1012.28 mbar respectively.  While that of the estimated TMVs are 21.90oC, 26.83, 0.017kg/kg and 27.89oC for the dew point temperature, vapour pressure, specific humidity and virtual temperature respectively. Delightfully, the values were in conformity with those of the reanalysis data. These TMVs are very importance in atmospheric thermodynamics because they deal with the processes of heat to work transformation and their reverse that occur in the atmosphere of the earth which result to weather/climate as the case maybe, and they form the basis for cloud Micro-Physics and convection parameterizations that are used in numerical weather/climatic models and also in numerous climate considerations.

Key Words:Agriculture, Environmental hazards, Variables, Weather

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