Sawmill workers in Nigeria are exposed to many workplace hazards and avoidable injury problems. In many countries, Noise, dust, injuries and exposure to chemicals are still features of many sawmills. The occupational safety and health image of most sawmills are not impressive. Noise, dust, injuries, exposure to chemicals and high labour turnover are still features of many woodworking enterprises. Health hazards/risks in the sawmill industry include; environmental hazards which is a result of poor forestry practices and management, poor solid waste management and toxic emissions to air, noise, hazards due to machinery use, and ergonomic hazards resulting from lifting of heavy loads, reaching for objects, repetitive work, and poor work posture. This study was carried out to determine the hazards and injury problems among sawmill workers in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.  A survey comprising the use of questionnaire, participatory approaches, site assessments and interviews were used as tools for investigation. Sixty-five (65) sawmills scattered across the state was visited and a total of 168 injury cases were recorded among 98 workers cutting across sawmills investigated. In Ebonyi state sawmill workers encounter various work-related hazards and injury problems. There is need for appropriate training of sawmill workers on a regular basis on the need to use personal protective equipment to safe guard their health. Serious measures must be put in place to ensure the safety and health of these workers.

Key Words:  Sawmill, Hazards, Injuries, Personal protective equipment, Sawmill workers

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