This study shows a Proto-Type Construction of an Electrically Powered Tomato Slicing Machine (Design of the Proto-Type). The feeding unit of the tomato slicer was made from a pyramid shaped plates in which tomatoes to be sliced dropped by gravity and slight agitation of the machine into the slicing unit. The feeding unit has the plate size of 100mm x 50mm. the average diameter of UC-82b variety of tomato is 45.23mm measured. The feeding unit can take up to 20 tomatoes therefore the capacity of the feeding unit is thus 20 x 45.23 = 904.6g. The tomato slicer is operated by switching on the electric motor which drives the stainless blades inside the slicing unit. The blades move in rotational order depending on clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the electric motor. A certain quantity of matured tomato fruits of UC-82B variety was purchased from Mando Market in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The results show that the machine output capacity, slicing efficiency and percentage damage were 85kg/hr, 65% and 25% respectively. The percentage damage ( which can be due to mechanical errors (wear & tear). The output capacity ( and the slicing efficiency ( of the slicer were determined using the relations. The study concluded that an electrically powered tomato slicer was constructed and tested and found to be efficient with the values obtained as (Output capacity is 85kg/h, the efficiency is 65% and the percentage damage is 25%). Based on the conclusion the study recommended that knife carriage should be redesigned to be more rigid and a motor with much slower speed than the one used is equally suggested, then the feeding unit should be increased to accommodate more tomatoes at a time.

Key Words: Design, Construction, Performance, Tomato, Slicing machine

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